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Screen Printing Buffalo NY
Based in Buffalo, NY, Buffalo Thread has been a household name in the Buffalo Screen printing industry for years. We provide top-quality silk screen print services for businesses in Buffalo, schools around WNY, non-profits in across niagara region, sports teams and artisans. In short, our apparel printing services extend to every type of Buffalo customer across the Western New York and Niagara Region.

What is Screen printing?

Screen printing is a commercial printing technique for creating crisp, beautiful graphics on apparel or other products. Also termed silk screening or silk screen printing, it involves printing graphics on a T-shirt or other item of clothing using thick inks that lay on top of the shirt rather than soaking into the fabric. Screen Printing is still widely used, and decades ago, was the only mass-production way to produce large quantities of custom printed garments. 

When to use screen printing

With thicker inks, screen printing is better for graphics with a one or two colors. Compared with other apparel printing methods, screen printing will make these colors pop out with incredible vibrance and clarity. To the touch, the thick ink has a very soft feel. We recommend Screen printing if you’re in no rush and have monochromatic or 2-color artwork.